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Killer crocodiles and their offspring terrorize residents of a small community.

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original title: Lake Placid 3

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller


imdb: 3.2

duration: 1h 33min

tags: Don't forget you're lunch!

budget: $2,500,000

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Killer crocodiles and their offspring terrorize residents of a small community. A game warden moves his family to Lake Placid, once the site of deadly crocodile attacks. Locals assure him the crocs are gone, but his mischievous young son finds a few baby crocs and begins feeding them. They quickly grow into very big adults and start attacking the game warden's family and nearby town. Intentions were to be the best of the Trilogy. Griff Furst directs this third visit to Lake Placid, Main; where the crocodiles are known for chomping. Nathan Bickerman (Colin Ferguson) is a game warden that relocates his family. Local Sheriff Tony Willinger (Michael Ironside) tries his best to convince everyone that the days of killer crocs are buried in the past. But his son, desperate for a pet, finds baby crocodiles and feeds them until they can satisfy their own growing appetites. The lake and surrounding forest will no longer be safe.

The script is cheesy and the CGI is more or less than mediocre. The plot is the same as the previous two flicks. There is eye candy you can't ignore. And more fun than fright.

Yancy Butler steals the show as the hunting guide. Rounding out the cast: Kristy Mitchell, Mark Evans, James Marchant, Bianca Ilich, Roxanne Pallett, Brian Landon and Kacey Barnfield. I saw a write up about Roxanne Pallet (Girl at the start) being in the film and she is a babe so thought hey give it a go. From the moment she was stupid enough to go back into the water after seeing two crocs take her boyfriend i knew it would be downhill. It has to be one of the worst films this year, certain films shouldn't have sequels, Jaws was passable at number two but no more and Lake Placid should have stayed at just the one. Its difficult due to the all round poor plot, acting and dialogue to pin point certain scenes but if you get this DVD in your stocking or unwrap it as a present then i would consider what you have done to offend the giver. Matter of fact, the recently-released US DVD contains the Unrated Version. Besides several trivial extended plot scenes, the main differences are the nudity scenes, which really upvalue the movie. In almost any scene, where a girl shows her boobs, the TV Version contains alternate more harmless footage. The splatter scenes remain unharmed and are pretty bloody for a tv production, even though they're rare.


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